Looking for a little romance in your life? Short stories to full novels. Fiction to life experiences. Here's the books you're looking for to sweep you away, make you swoon and make your heart flutter.

Moments in Time...
A short story anthology of romance

After a few days of glancing and smiling back and forth, eventually walking in the hall together, and sitting in the same general area at lunch, he took her hand under the table and laced his fingers with hers. She began to tremble deep in her stomach, a feeling she had not had before, but she had read about. She knew then that she wanted to kiss him before the day was over. She hoped he wanted it too. -The First Kiss

True stories, fantasy, first love, unrequited love, best friends and finding love later in life; this short story collection reveals the heat and depth of each of these. Every story in this collection rooted from a “challenge write” from a friend to Marianne, she reveals the intricate aspects of each level of love and romance beautifully. A journey you won’t soon stop swooning over.

My Heart For Jill

Book One In The Mountain Mama Series

This was one of the most important things in Chef Jill Dennison's life. Her successful restaurant and weekly cooking shows were second only to her family. However, she had spent most of her life fighting the stigma of living as a tall, curvaceous West Virginia girl. Having had her heart broken and her self-esteem trashed by a rich, affluent fiancé, she was certainly not looking for love when Nick Wallace was pushed into her life. A case of mistaken identity by Jill's mother, Nick was forced to compete in a live cooking competition with Jill's alter ego, Mountain Mama.

Nick was recently relocated to this small West Virginia town from New York City to oversee the building of a tourist mountain resort as part of his family's hotel empire. A single dad and world-renowned pianist, he never dreamed he would land in the spotlight with this unusual woman who managed to surprise him over and over again. Having come from a cold unloving family, he felt himself drawn to Jill's warm, loving one.

Join Jill, Nick, and a host of other colorful characters as they learn that everything is not always as it seems on the surface. At Mountain Mama's, many surprises await and love abounds as they seek to form those ties that bind in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia.

Gerard's Descent

Book Two In The Mountain Mama Series

Picking up where we left off, Gerard Wallace is in a sticky situation. Being the oldest of the Wallace siblings, Gerard tends to handle everything in his life with alcohol, and that does not change, even when more revelations come to light about his life.

His family and his new friends feel helpless as they watch his continual descent into further self- destruction. His tumultuous relationship with Brenda Montgomery seems to be a distraction from his troubles for a while. However, Brenda has personal issues of her own … some of which are with Gerard himself.

Will this dysfunctional couple end up being a blessing to each other, or will Gerard pull Brenda further into the path of self-destruction?

Join Gerard as he tries to find himself between the city of Chicago and the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains along with Brenda and his new friend and bodyguard, Ben Carver.

Remember … things are not always as they seem at Mountain Mama’s Restaurant!