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This... is Romantic Intrigue!

Do you crave a little action... perhaps spend a little time living on the edge, but still enjoy the intrigue of a good secret, and a better romance?  Then this series is for you!

5 our of 5 Stars

"Good read fast paced.  Cannot wait to read all the books in this series.  There are two more books I hope the ending turns out great."

5 our of 5 stars

"Reality, excitement, Aliases, and love "REAL"

Loved the book and look forward to the next... and continuation??  Looking for next book now.  Thanks."

Meeting Henry
Book One in the Covert Mission Files Series

Henry Lived his life on the edge, shrouded by mystery. Perceived by his cohorts as cold and emotionless, only those closest to him knew that he was anything but. However, these traits helped him lead a crew of seven around the world, working as tour consultants. Life was just as he wanted it… or so he thought.

Until he met Missy.

Missy’s life was an open book. A nurse and author, she was always looking for new adventures from the comfort of her own desk chair. She thrived on learning as much as she could about the world around her. Spending countless hours on her computer writing and promoting her books, Missy was not looking for a relationship.

Then she met Henry.

Complete opposites, they started off as online friends, but their passion and fire grew quickly. Finally meeting, their first touch would set off a chain reaction of events that would throw them into dangerous adventure. The kind that Missy only ever read about.

Missing Henry

Book Two in the Covert Mission Files Series

Commander Henry Brown had been dead for ten months. Missy and the team had attended his funeral. Life was supposed to go on, that is, if he was really gone.

 Missy refused to believe it.

The team, now stationed at Quantico Marine Base, did their jobs every day and hoped Missy would eventually accept reality. Finn takes matters into his own hands where Missy is concerned, and shocks her back into life.

As Missy is forced to accept that she will never see Henry again, she turns to Joe and Finn for comfort… and passion. However, as evidence mounts, secrets start to unravel as Joe tries to keep the team, and Missy, from learning the truth.

Missy and Finn race to Henry’s childhood home, hoping to find answers, but instead, find the shocking reality of which even Joe was unaware.

Finding Henry

Book Three in the Covert Mission Files Series

With the team and some of their families in the safehouse, and Quantico Marine Base on lockdown during the pandemic, Henry struggles with the many changes in his life. He has stepped down as commander of the team to try to be a father to his genius son and a husband to his young wife.

However, he has lost most of himself and his dreams along the way.

Joe has taken command of the team and of Missy’s heart. They work together to try to unlock the secrets hidden in the brain of Henry’s son that may hold the key to ending “Blue Dragon”, the newest terror to come upon them.

As more and more of Ryan’s memories are unraveled, the danger increases, and the threat becomes more personal for Henry and those he loves.

Can they deal with the danger as the secrets and lies take the entire team to the breaking point?

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