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Are you at home alone... or just want to share a bit of a spark with friends around the campsite?  Pick up a bit of suspense to keep you company by the fire.

Moments in Time...
A short story anthology of romance

After a few days of glancing and smiling back and forth, eventually walking in the hall together, and sitting in the same general area at lunch, he took her hand under the table and laced his fingers with hers. She began to tremble deep in her stomach, a feeling she had not had before, but she had read about. She knew then that she wanted to kiss him before the day was over. She hoped he wanted it too. -The First Kiss

True stories, fantasy, first love, unrequited love, best friends and finding love later in life; this short story collection reveals the heat and depth of each of these. Every story in this collection rooted from a “challenge write” from a friend to Marianne, she reveals the intricate aspects of each level of love and romance beautifully. A journey you won’t soon stop swooning over.

Moments in Time...
Stories of Suspense and Dark Comedy

Fear, being hunted, shock treatment, organ harvesting...Those are just a few of the things you will encounter in Marianne Waddill Wieland's latest book.Filled with 14 short stories of suspense and dark comedy, this edition of Moments in Time is sure to keep you on your toes....if not keep you up all night.

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