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My Favorite Authors

On this page, you'll be introduced to some of my favorite authors and their books.  I'll share a little bit about my experience in reading their work, meeting them at festivals, and collaborating with them on community service projects.  I hope that you will seek them out.  You never know which ones might become one of your favorite authors, too!

Diana Kathryn Plopa

MI Author Diana Kathryn Plopa.png

To learn more about Diana Kathryn Plopa and her books, find her at   To learn more about her editorial services and the community service projects she facilitates, discover her work at

Mark Love

To learn more about Mark Love and his books, find him at

Jean Davis

To learn more about Jean Davis and her books, find her at

Andrew Allen Smith

February 2023 Virtutal Book Festival

To learn more about The Pages Promotions 2023 February Virtual Book Festival, find the details at

To learn more about Andrew Allen Smith and his books, find him at  and his blog at

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