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Keeping It Real

     In this video series Marianne touches on various topics that have something for everyone. Maybe not in each video, but something appealing to most people as a whole, and covering a wide range of subjects. The intention is to keep the videos informative, educational and fun, with random topics as they come to mind or have been requested. Presented in a casual format, these videos also help Marianne to stretch her comfort zone, and talk about important topics without insisting in perfection.  Marianne speaks "off the cuff", without practicing, and just doing the best she can with the subject matter.  

     Why should you watch? If nothing else, you can have fun watching her laugh at herself and say 'um' every other word!  

     Join Marianne and have some fun... and maybe learn some new information along the way!

This video is a semi-introduction to the video series, Keeping it Real, and to the pronunciation of my name. Basically about what you can call me and names I have been called by a wide variety of Facebook friends.

What's In
A Name?


This episode is about the definition of 'relationships' and the many relationships we have in our lives. Most of us don't think about the people in our lives as being 'a relationship', but if you watch this video, it might give you something to think about.

Virtual Relationships

This episode of Keeping it Real is about virtual relationships. Are they real? Can you trust someone you have only met over the internet? What is the most important thing in a relationship? Take a look...

Intellectual vs Sexual Selves

This fourth episode is about our Intellectual Selves vs our Sexual Selves in our relationships. There is a difference and it is important to understand how this affects our lives. Check it out!

Are You Comfortable?

Are you comfortable with yourself? Are you really? This episode deals with your relationship with yourself and I use myself as an example. More food for thought.

Self Care

Strange Things



This video is about taking care of yourself and your health with some tips on optimizing healthcare. some of the tings I talk about are very important and rarely thought about in our busy lives.

Do strange things happen to you? Do you frequently seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? This video focuses on some of the strange things that have happened to me throughout my life. Mostly for fun and silliness, it also gives me food for thought about coping with these bizarre events that I have come to expect.

This video is about education and sharing your skills and knowledge with others. I'm also giving a shout out to some amazing teachers that I know and several groups that offer valuable advice and life experiences that make a difference in the lives of others.

Look for the Silver Lining

This video is dealing with the dark clouds and the sunshine in our lives. We all have those times when the clouds are darkest in our lives and we feel like the situation will never improve. But as with dark clouds, the sun is always there behind the clouds, waiting to break through. It creates a silver lining as it fights through the clouds. And it is during these dark times that we often learn the most, such as who are real friends are. Who will stand with us in both good and bad times, the silver linings in our lives. CLICK THE IMAGE TO WATCH


This video is about kindness. I believe kindness in anyone begins in the home, especially with young children. Most children will follow the example of their parents and their self esteem is very much affected by how they are spoken to in the home and how the parents treat others. It is also important to speak with kindness to our pets. And most importantly, being kind to yourself. Sometimes that is the hardest of all.  CLICK THE IMAGE TO WATCH

Stress and The Holidays

This latest 'Keeping it Real' video is about stress and the holidays. I have not done a video for a while due to illness, so I thought it was time to talk about taking care of yourself to stay healthy during the holiday season. Many feel a lot of anxiety or depression this time of year and the hectic pace, weather challenges, and crowded roads just make everything so much worse. Sometimes we tend to take those frustrations out on others. In the video I try to give some tips to manage stress and practice kindness to others as well as to yourself.  CLICK THE IMAGE TO WATCH

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