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Dedicated to the strong storytelling tradition discovered as a child, Marianne Waddill Wieland pens exciting characters who bring a mixture of fantasy and realism to the mundane and the extreme.  Marianne is focused on sharing her imagination and her love of "people watching" through the pages of her novels and short stories with wit, wisdom, and compassion.  


As you read her books and short stories, you may find yourself Escaping to the Mountains... Hiding in Plain Sight... Searching in the Shadows... Cooking up Something New...and perhaps, Falling in Love.

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Good Book

"Good read fast paced. Can not wait to read all the books in this series. There are two more books I hope the ending turns out great."

Reality, Excitement, Aliases, and Love "REAL"  "Loved the book and look forward to the next . . . and continuation?? Looking for next book now."

"I don't normally read these sort of books, fluffy romances aren't my usual cup of tea. However, I met Marianne Wieland at a book fair and she was honestly the sweetest lady! And truly her passion is apparent in the narrative."

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