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I wish life was not so complicated. So many of us live under hardship of some kind, not every day but often enough that it makes for unrest in our lives. I wish the answers were simple and each day we wake up, the old issues would have been taken care of and all ensuing issues would be easier. Choices simpler. But life isn't like that. Sometimes we have to endure until the time comes where we can change our circumstances.

A good majority of people spend each day hoping the day would just be over quickly. Especially people who are in the workplace, most in jobs they really do not care for. All day watching the clock or grumbling that work is not going their way. I have to say that most are not seeing the bigger picture. One more day that is done is one less day here on earth. Kind of a morbid thought but it is very true.

I know well what it means to be in a work or home environment that is less than you had first imagined. There are no perfect jobs and neither is there a constant wonderful home life. Most things are what you make of them and some people are better at making lemonade out of lemons than others. Sometimes you just have to either accept the life you have, if your choices are limited, or make the necessary changes to live a better one.

I have had some jobs in my life that I really loved…most of the time. Unfortunately, the only constant in life is change, so with changes happening all around, things can become more difficult. Since time does go by rather fast, before you know it, you are in a difficult place again. I decided recently that I needed to get out of the house more as most of my work is on the phone or computer. I wanted to do something new and fun. Something that I could just go to and enjoy, being in charge of no one and of nothing. I found a simple job. It does not pay much but I don’t have to do much and I am having the time of my life! Getting to be myself in a great environment. It has made being at home so much easier.

If you find you are stuck in a setting that is draining you of strength and will, find a balance. Something that you can enjoy and make your own. Have fun doing. Life is all about balance, something most of us never reach, but are hopeful for. Take the steps. Look around. Eventually, you will find it. When that day comes, I hope you can move forward with courage and heart into a better place. I know I did. I had to. Life. Unpredictable at best.

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