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Are You Happy?

I was reading a friend's post earlier and it made me pause and think about some things. It made me think about some of the posts I have put out about being able to see yourself for who you really are. About being willing to look at your true self and face the demons that hold you back. All those things you don't like that may impede your ability to see clearly and move forward. To be happy.

During the course of the day, when I am working, I might speak with ten or so people. If I asked each one "Are you happy?", I think I would get more negative responses than you would think. It has been my experience that most people will focus on one or two incidents that happened during a 24 hour period that they classify as ruining the day. And because of those few things, they will consider themselves unhappy. Most don't consider the overall picture.

In my experience, I have found that the people who look the happiest on the outside are those who feel good about themselves by tearing others down. And it doesn't bother them. I think they have anger issues and suffer from very low self esteem. They cannot face themselves. On the flip side, the people who look the unhappiest on the outside seem to be the ones who see themselves clearly and are very concerned over how they are seen by others. They may be overly critical of themselves but they have great heart and care about those around them. They recognize that happiness is attainable. You have to be willing and able to see it. It is your choice. Always.

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