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We all have them. Some of us have stronger emotions than others and some of us can shut them down and literally feel nothing. But they are still there, waiting, to surface at the most inconvenient of times. I have certainly been there. I can turn my emotions off and become the 'queen of the straight face'. It helps in my line of work and in showing empathy to my patients instead of sympathy. But shutting down emotion (internalizing emotion) eventually comes to the surface in health issues, relationship problems and trouble focusing in the real world. Others turn their emotions into anger and have problems with being able to handle even simple things without irrational thinking and external combustion of words, to put it nicely. And some wear their hearts on their sleeves and feel the weight and pain of others all the time. This emotion usually surfaces with depression, tears, anxiety and different coping mechanisms that are not healthy.

With all of these emotions swirling around inside of us, we do not always seek the help that we need. Instead, we turn our focus elsewhere. A very intelligent and wise friend put a name to it recently. Escape through entertainment. Simply not addressing the situations, but turning the focus on watching movies and TV or even reading to excess. (Reading to excess? Is that a thing?) Seek help before the weight of emotion begins to control your life and those around you. It can happen before you realize it. Although it may be out and receive the blessings waiting for you. Friends and family. Professionals. All are waiting for you to open up. I know I am.

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