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Friendship is on my mind today. Sounds like it should be a simple definition, but unfortunately, it isn't. The meaning of friendship to one is not necessarily the meaning of friendship to another.

The basis for friendship should encompass several things. Insight into the heart of another. Caring enough about their situations to go out of your way to help. Putting aside self in favor of others. Maybe a friend just needs a shoulder to cry on or just an ear to listen. Sometimes just to sit in silence. And even though you may not know the problem, being sensitive enough to just sit and hold a hand.

Friends do not need to set the record straight. A friend does not need to control and a friend does not need to point out fault. No need to assign blame. A friend is kind and gentle. A friend has the ability to love and to correct using that love in the words they speak. Friendship is being compassionate and in tune with the needs of someone else. Wanting success for them and caring enough to try to warn them against the forces of evil. Friendship does not set out to hurt or cripple another with words that may force them into defense mode or cause them to have to fight back.

We all possess some of these traits. Some more than others. Think about the friends you have and how many will be there for you when you have a need. Are you a real friend? Can you be counted on for moral support? A real friend is forever in your heart. To my friends, you have to know how much I love you all. I probably just need to say it more often.

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