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Letters to Juliet DVD staring Amanda Seyfried, Christopher Egan, and Vanessa Redgrave

This is a great ‘feel-good’ movie that is based on the tradition of visitors to Verona Italy, writing letters to Juliet, of Shakespeare fame. A young girl on the verge of marriage travels to this city with her fiancé who basically abandons her for his work. She finds a letter from a young girl written to Juliet over fifty years ago and pursues it with the women who answer these letters. She embarks on a journey with the writer of the letter and the writer’s upset grandson to find her love of many years ago.

This is one of those movies that makes me smile and I have watched it many times over. Even though I could probably recite it, I continue to watch it. The beauty of Verona, Italy and the excellent acting is well worth the time spent with this endearing film. Give it a try. I think you will like it.

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