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Love and Marriage

Love and marriage should be a simple topic to discuss as it has inspired many authors to write about it down through the ages. Almost as far back as time itself. However, depending on the culture, century, and perspective, it becomes a complicated subject. I believe it is important in all cultures but, over time, the values set forth by different religions have come to be ignored, or in some, even changed.

Up until the late 1950s, divorce was something that almost never took place in any culture. But it was brought to the forefront by celebrities and the media. As technology took over, more importance was placed on following the trend, even before following the trend was the thing to do. Many married without love, divorce followed and eventually, marriage became less desirable and couples in love simply began living together without the sanctity of marriage.

Many of the great authors wrote of love as the ultimate goal of the heart and marriage, the result of that love. The subject has inspired many great works of literature and poetry. Many great works of art, music, and charities. Love is what most people aspire to as a goal for their life. How they go about achieving that differs greatly in many cultures today.

In third world countries, finding love is usually contained to a person's village as most never venture far from their area of birth. In some, the idea of love has been wiped out by ceremony and rituals that go against the very nature of love. In other cultures and countries, love is taken out of the picture when it comes to marriage. The parents pick suitable mates for their children and marriage takes place without the couples even having met prior to the ceremony. Suitability is measured by monetary value, education, employment, ability to cook and run a household, as well as affluence.

However, in America, anything goes. Love is given freely with the heart as well as the body. Marriage is often temporary. Fidelity is almost unheard of anymore and love and marriage is now open to same sex and any of numerous other identities and genders. Even some Christian religions have eased up on their interpretations of what love and marriage means as written in the Bible.

Authors of today write very differently on the subject than the great authors of yesteryear. While love used to be romanticized and held to a higher standard, authors of today equate love with a flippant notion that it is there to just reach out and grab, use, and throw away. This is perpetuated by social media which opens a whole different door to the meaning of love and marriage. No longer is marriage the end result of love. No longer is it important to meet in person. Would the great authors be able to write in this day and age? I think they are currently turning over in their graves.

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