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Love In Friendship

During the course of our lives, many people may come and go. Some will like us, some will not. Some will use us for their own purposes but most will not. Our greatest hope is that some will love us and love us enough to let us be ourselves without judgment or punishment for our shortcomings.

The purest form of love is real and abiding deep within us. For our children, our parents, our spouses, and for our real friends. A real friend, one who loves you as much as possible in friendship, will never leave your heart. They are forever planted there and will always try to be there for you in any circumstance. Even if it is just giving you a touch or a call. I firmly believe in giving as much as I can to anyone or any situation, that is possible to do at the time. If you are my friend, I hope you understand this. I will always be there with my support and my love.

We may not always agree and sometimes even be disappointed with each other, but know this. I will not knowingly fail you or withhold my love, friendship or affection. Many of you know this about me. So, I would say, have the courage to acknowledge what those around you have to give, especially those that matter the most. And love them unconditionally. Always.

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