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Mohammad Ashraful - The Legend

Mohammad Ashraful is the most celebrated cricket player in the history of Bangladesh. Consistently named as the most talented batsman, his unique style on the cricket field is unequaled. He has made major contributions to the sport, as both a bowler and a batsman, and he has become a living legend of our time.

Entering into the game of cricket at the young age of only seventeen, he holds the record as the youngest player to make 100 in test cricket in his very first game against Sri Lanka. He captained the team for many years. In a single season, he has played ten first-class matches for Dhaka Metropolis and has been named player of the tournament many times.

In 2012 the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) was founded. A twenty-game tournament, Ashraful was named the 'Icon Player' for the Dhaka Gladiators. He went on to win many of these tournaments for Bangladesh and is still considered one of the highest run-scorers among batsmen. A former coach, Trevor Chapell, stated "His determination, commitment, and attention to detail would put a mature and established person to shame. The manner in which he concentrates on his batting made me believe he was destined to have a long cricketing career."

After taking a break from the game for a few years, he returned to the playing field to win against World Champions, the team of Australia. This was a major accomplishment for the country of Bangladesh. Players throughout the world have tried to mimic his bowling and batting styles, but few have been able to work the magic on the field that he has been able to perform.

Mohammad Ashraful currently plays for the domestic cricket teams of Bangladesh and lives with his family in Dhaka. Most recently he has been passed over for a spot on one of the six BPL tournament teams which will start in January 2022. Fans are outraged over this travesty of injustice and are asking that this decision be overturned, so that this legendary player might lead Bangladesh into a winning season once again.

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