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Poetic Justice

Karma. You reap what you sow. What goes around, comes around. Getting your just desserts. Payback is hell. Consequences. Basically, cause and effect. These are American sayings. I am sure there are many in most all cultures. I think with the changing of the normal in all countries, these things have seemingly been dismissed. But whether or not you consider these things as you go about your day, does not diminish the fact that they are very true statements. If you do bad things to others, you can expect bad things to come back to you. The same with good. What you plant will grow.

Many young people today play on the feelings of the opposite sex. Players. Those that play a game with others. For example. A girl or boy who seeks intimacy or love with another and eventually finds someone that wants what is being offered. They start a relationship. But, one or the other, sometimes both, have others as options in case this love interest falls through or no longer wants to participate. Some pick the prettiest or the one with the most money. If this does not play out like they want, they move to the next prettiest or most wealthy. They play on the emotions of others. They use them for sport. If you break someone's heart just because you are waiting for something better to come along, remember, the same might happen to you. Maybe you are just an option in someone else's life.

It is not just the young people. Adults play the games as well. People hurt people. And they do it deliberately. You can make a conscious choice to do good for others or to do bad. To help or to hinder. But remember this, poetic justice is real. You do reap what you sow. What you plant will be returned to you in kind. So, plant good things. Expect good things back. Always.

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