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Don't put things off that you should take care of now. I am the queen of this I am sorry to say. Sadly, procrastination is that warm, fuzzy blanket that we wrap ourselves in because it feels good. We sweep things under the rug and vow to think about or do something about it 'tomorrow'. Time usually does not make it better if we do not take steps to fix or change the problem or situation.

Quite often we make excuses for the problem. We blame ourselves for it as in 'we made our bed, now we need to lie in it'. Maybe dull the problem with chemicals, or just deny it exists. Unfortunately, what we ignore only gains strength in the long run. If I could turn back time, I would do things very differently. How many of us have not said that one?

My advice (that I have not taken more times than I have taken) is to deal with the problem now. Fix it or get it fixed. If the problem can't be fixed, then get out of the situation, get a second opinion, make a change. Don't wait until you are miserable, unable to help yourself, or hauled away. Because it happens, believe me!

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