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Pronouncing Bangladesh Landmarks

This video is showing famous public landmarks in Bangladesh that are spelled wrong. I was asked to pronounce the word incorrectly as it is publicly spelled, then pronounce it correctly.

The video shows both spelling examples.

Bashu is dedicated to correct wrong spelling and I was asked to do the video to illustrate how an American can learn to pronounce Bangladesh words correctly. This is for a book of spelling and grammar that Zihan is working on.

বিদেশির মুখে বাংলাদেশের নানা স্থানের নাম যেভাবে উচ্চারিত হলো Correct BANGLISH Spelling of Historical Places of Bangladesh YouTube HD- Presentation: Marianne Wieland Concept & Editing: Xenon Xihaan WORK of BASHU RESEARCH CENTRE

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