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When you are in a relationship with someone you are crazy about and you express love for each other, make sure, and I can't stress this enough, that you are both in the same relationship. Make sure you are on the same page. Be careful when you text with abbreviations. BF to you might mean 'boyfriend,' where BF to him might mean 'best friend'.

Be patient when clarity is needed about the relationship. This is necessary to make sure you both have the same outlook and, again, are in the same relationship. Watch for signs such as rarely getting a text with quality 'emotions' and expressions of love. Watch for 'key' words such as 'friend' or 'buddy'. These are clues that you may not be in the same relationship. Write these things down if you have to.

And if the words 'my wife/husband' come up, run for the hills! This is called a 'misunderstanding.' it's not! That is not the word I would use! You might ask, 'How can you not know that you are in different relationships?' Believe me, it happens! Been there! I don't make this stuff up! **Follow me for more tips on 'relationships'!

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