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I'm sitting here tonight thinking about many things. I am alone, in the dark. It is quiet and it seems all is well. I hear a crash. Then another, and another. The storm has arrived with a vengeance outside.

As I sit and listen to the stark contrast between the quiet and the fury, I consider how much this is like life. Quite often, we go along with our normal activities. And things are good...for a time. But doesn't it always seem that there is a storm just waiting to invade your peace? Even if the storm is only for a moment, it can have lasting effects. If you let it. Or, you can prepare for those times when unforeseen circumstances happen.

You put safeguards in place for your home so that it will have the strength to withstand the storm. Think about the safeguards you have in place for your heart. You have them. You just have to realize it. You are more prepared than you think. You are stronger than you think. Just as you have candles and flashlights in your home, you have friends and family to help you during the onslaught. You have distractions to help you redirect your thoughts. And just as the storm outside blows over, so will the storm in your heart. You may feel the effects for a while, but you will be stronger for it. With the ability to be better prepared next time.

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