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Lillie Saves The Day by Jeffrey Schoenherr

I love these 'Lillie' books! 'Lillie Saves the Day' is the first in a line of 'Lillie' books that I have enjoyed since reading the first one. Written for young children, the books are colorful and charismatic. They quickly catch the eye of a young child.

The story is about a young girl named Lillie who finds a baby piglet on the farm that is in need of help. Of course, Lillie is right there to help the piglet and thus, save the day. The story is short and very sweet and I think you will find yourself falling in love with both Lillie and 'Hamlet' as they enjoy life on the farm.

You might also enjoy, 'Lillie's Big Parade', 'Lillie and Hamlet Meet their Special Friends', 'Lillie and Hamlet and the Baby in the Tree', and 'Hamlet goes to School'. I know I did!

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