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Listen for the Whisperer by Phyllis A. Whitney

This is another book from my young adult days and a favorite author of that time period. I always loved a good mystery from as far back as I can remember. Phyllis Whitney never disappointed. Listen for the Whisperer was one that stands out of all of her books that I read.

The plot centers around a girl searching for her mother, a reclusive actress, that has been missing from the stage for years. After eventually finding her, the reunion is anything but happy. The aging star is being haunted by a murderer that killed a director on her movie set many years prior. The book is hard to put down and I have to say it has a very satisfying ending.

I found that I had to read this with all the lights on, but I found that exhilarating at the time. If you want a good mystery that keeps your attention, I would highly recommend this one

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