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Nightmare Academy by Frank Peretti


Frank Peretti is a master of supernatural thrillers with a twist. This book, geared toward teenagers and young adults, takes twins Elijah and Elisha along with their parents, into situations that not many would dare to go. They have been commissioned by the president to go undercover into bizarre places to investigate crimes, mysteries and unusual happenings for 'The Veritas Project'.

As the twins delve into the unknown at a strange private academy, they find nothing is as it seems. The kids have blank faces, time means nothing, and gravity is sporadic. The strange atmosphere has an almost dulling effect on both twins, but Elijah feels it worse than his sister. But they are able to find ways to keep themselves from completely going insane as they navigate the hallowed halls.

The book, at times, seems a little confusing and you may find yourself wondering where it is going. But, if you are familiar with Peretti's work, you will know he has a lesson and a major point. The answer you have been seeking while reading any of his works is usually found in the last paragraph if not the last sentence. You get that great 'Aha!' moment as everything makes sense and when that happens, I have found myself wanting to just keep reading more.

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