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The 10th Kingdom by Kathryn Wesley

I read this book only after I watched the ten-hour mini-series that aired on television, by Hallmark, several years ago. Although I enjoyed the book, I enjoyed seeing the colorful characters acted out with an 'all-star' cast on the big screen more. This book/movie is set in modern-day times and crosses over into a parallel universe of fairy tales come to life. I would almost say it is of the 'Steampunk' genre, but I don't think I can quite call it that either. But it is a fascinating tale of epic proportions.

Tenth Kingdom follows the adventures of New Yorker's, Virginia and her father Tony, as they unwittingly step through a magic mirror into one of the Nine Kingdoms in this comedy/drama. They are joined in their quest to return home by 'Wolfe', a charismatic man-wolf, and the evil queen's dog, 'Prince' who is really Snow White's grandson, Prince Wendell. They run into one adventure after another as they travel across many fairy tale lands as they try to find the magic mirror that will get them back to New York.

I have enjoyed watching the DVD for this series so many times I could recite it. The book is great as well and does give a little background information on character motivation that you won't see in the movie. I highly recommend both and I think you will enjoy then time and time again.

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