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Would Like To Meet by Rachel Winters

Talk about a fun read, this is it! Evie is a workaholic trying to convince her agency's biggest client to write the romantic-comedy screenplay he owes the producers. However, he refuses to do so unless Evie can convince him it is possible to catch a man like the 'meet-cutes' in the movies.

I could tell what the outcome would be early on in this book. But I could not stop reading it to see how it played out! It was one disaster after another but I found myself rooting for her to succeed. Everything she did she shared with a father and daughter she accidentally met in a coffee shop as well as the client she was trying to convince a meet-cute could lead to real love.

As you are reading you know she will end up with the father/daughter, which was actually a meet-cute. But you can also tell that the client was writing her escapades as she was telling them to him. So, no surprise when that is the script he submits. However, you just have to see how he dupes her and how she finally realizes she had already found true love.

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