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The Laughter of A Day

My mother told me, when I was young, that if you start the day laughing, you'll end the day crying. Probably West Virginia folklore but I have found that to be true so many times in my life. I have also found the opposite to be true at times. Sometimes we over compensate to keep from going from one extreme to the other. Through my writing, I am learning to feel again and I am not so sure it is a good thing. Those who know me well understand what I am talking about. Unfortunately, sometimes 'feeling' can be quite painful and I don't like that. Who does?

Those of us that work in the medical field, know how quickly life can change. I was watching the Centra Care video (where I used to work) on the website today and the majority that were involved in the filming of it have passed on. We gave our hearts to these people, who were less fortunate than ourselves, and they, in return, gave much love to us. We became their family, the ones they trusted with their lives, for however long that might have been. And inevitably, they left us, and we were left with that void. But, if we can hold on to the memories they gave us, the laughter, the love, the hope we could see when we looked into their eyes, I think we will all be okay in the end.

The important thing is to care for others. Serve others the best we can. Many people cannot help themselves. Some may need food or clothing. Help with finances, medications. But some people are just looking for kindness or love and to feel like they matter in this crazy world.

Maybe the laughing and the crying will continue, but if we keep doing what we can for others, making life a little better for them while they are with us, isn't that what real life is all about? Love is a choice that we have to make every day. We also can make the decision to build someone up or tear them down by our words or our actions. I really do love my friends and those that are under my care. And that makes life worth it every single day.

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