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The More Things Change...

I was sitting on the back deck this morning doing... actually, I was just sitting there in the sun... thinking. I guess that's something! The whole world has been turned upside down... changed forever with the pandemic. Social distancing, even from family. Stores without product, people hoarding, some forced out of their jobs, others forced to remain on jobs that could be detrimental to their health. Panic and fear all around.

But then, I had this thought. The more things change, the more they stay the same. I heard that somewhere. As I looked around my backyard, I realized that even though everything seems different in the world right now, the seasons are changing, just as they always do. The grass is getting green again. Wildlife continues the cycle with new babies in the spring. It rains, the sun shines, rainbows appear, the mail comes, children grow, the tides come in and go out, and the world continues to turn. Just as it always does. We all move forward, just in a different, unexpected way. We can't change the bigger picture in the world, but we can move forward, one day at a time, just like life.

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